Christopher Grant

Christopher Grant

CHRISTOPHER GRANT grew up in Mississippi and presently lives in New York City. At age 17 he was accepted into the University of Southern Mississippi’s Dance Program. In 2007 he graduated with a B.F.A in Dance Performance and Choreography. Post graduation he moved to New York City to train at Broadway Dance Center with many well known commercial choreographers. Shortly after, in the fall of 2007 he joined Pilobolus Dance Theater where he performed classic repertoire, was one of the original
collaborators of the hit show, Shadowland, and made multiple international and national TV appearances including The Conan O’Brien Show, BBC’s The One Show, and The Royal Variety Show for the Queen of England. He’s been fortunate to perform works by noted choreographers like Ryan Heffington, Jermaine Browne, Alison Chase, Luam and The Kuperman Brothers. Christopher has performed in New York City’s highly acclaimed immersive theater shows, Queen of the Night at the Paramount Hotel and
Seeing You under New York City High Line. You can also find him training in the circus art of Cyr wheel.

Christopher teaches multiple styles of dance like hip-hop, modern, creative movement, and physical theater. He and his wife Lauren Yalango-Grant also teach a weight sharing partnering to all ages and levels. As a choreographic duo Christopher and Lauren specialize in physical theater and partnering.